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Insulation with inspiration

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Caparol external wall insulation; Insulation with Inspiration

For different requirements and applications, Caparol offers three external wall insulation systems incorporating Caparol Darkside insulation, which is EPS insulation with a graphite additive for improved thermal performance and mineral fibre boards: PRO, CARBON and ELEMENTS

System PRO is a high quality mineral system that meets all technical standards, incorporating Caparol Darkside EPS insulation. Also incorporating Darkside EPS insulation, the CARBON system provides an upgrade to Caparol System Pro offering the silicone based topcoat. As with System PRO there is a proven track record in excess of 50 years. The third system ELEMENTS is a mineral wool insulation based system offering maximum fire protection coupled with efficient application methods. A silicone based topcoat render also offers enhanced protection against fungal growth and algae.

All systems have the combined unsurpassed advantages:

  • Reduced heating costs by 40%
  • Proven long-term preservation of the building
  • Increased value of the building
  • Comfortable indoor climate
  • Excellent environmental performance
  • Attractive new look to the fa├žade
  • Long-lasting finish through NQG technology in renders and paints