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Insulation with inspiration

How efficient is external wall insulation?

Installing external wall insulation pays for itself. Why? Due to dwindling reserves of raw materials and the increase in fuel prices, which look like they are going to continue to rise in the future, resulting in high costs for homeowners – but this can be reduced significantly. About three-quarters of the energy consumed by households is used for heating and depending on the design of the building, up to 30 percent of this is lost annually through the exterior walls. A well-insulated house will prevent this. External wall insulation greatly reduces energy loss through the walls and can save up to 40 percent of total heating costs. Installing external wall insulation provides an opportunity for you to make great savings.

The actual savings gained through external wall insulation depends on a number factors such as:

the thickness and thermal conductivity, ie quality of the insulation material.

  • the outer wall to which the external wall insulation is applied; the various materials from which buildings are built also have different thermal conductivities.
  • the real wall area which will ultimately be insulated that is, the total outer wall surface minus the window surfaces.
  • the general climatic conditions or weather conditions and the location of the building. Sun or shade can make a real difference - almost like day and night.
  • the home-owners behaviour. The more the home is heated and the higher the desired room temperature is, the greater the potential savings. A 1 degree Celsius increase in temperature means 6 percent more energy.
  • the efficiency and design of heating systems in the home.

The time taken for the savings in heating costs to be offset by the cost of the insulation depends, of course, very much on the actual energy cost. The higher the price increase in the future, the more quickly the investment in the installation of facade insulation pays off.

The cost of the external wall insulation installation is recouped quicker if carreid out when other regular renovation work such as rendering or painting becomes necessary. The preparation for this work to be carried out is already there so the additional costs for the insulation becomes significantly reduced. For example, if the property needs re-rendering, the insulation boards need only to be covered with a reinforcement layer and the window sills replaced.

This outlay is worthwhile because the external wall insulation saves you money due to reduced energy bills. Installing external wall insulation pays for itself so if you want to save money and energy too, contact us now.