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Insulation with inspiration

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What about fire?

The requirements for fire resistance and external wall insulation systems are clearly defined. They are regulated by building regulations and fire regulations and graded according to the height of the building. Basically it can be assumed that the higher a building is, the higher requirements for fire protection are.

External wall insulation systems are among the most extensively tested. They are investigated by experts and are thus well known. Tests are carried out both under laboratory conditions as well as complex large-scale experiments, carried out on fabricated walls.

Requirements for high buildings

To comply with the recommendations of the BRE, horizontal Fire Barriers are required to be placed at every floor level above 2 stories. (Ground and first storey level do not require these barriers). These barriers comprise of 1000 x 200mm Mineral Wool Lamella Panels, applied in a continuous band around the building.


External wall insulation systems have been certified by both British Board of Agreement and the German Institute for Building Technology.

Fire Breaks

The purpose of the fire breaks is to prevent fire from spreading to higher storeys. Typically a 200mm high mineral wool strip will be adhered and mechanically fixed around the circumference of the building at a minimum of every storey above the first. By including solid, non-combustible components and adapting to different levels and varying heights, there are many possibilities of installing fire breaks even in complex building constructions.