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Insulation with inspiration

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Traditional and Beautiful: brick slips

Caparol's brick slip range combines technology and tradition to offer optimum performance for flexible acrylics and the timeless aesthetics of brick. Each acrylic brick slip is handmade using only the highest quality raw materials guaranteeing the natural traditional appearance of brick.

Light in weight, the brick slips are an ideal finish for external wall insulation systems. The flexible acrylic brick slips are 65 x 215mm and only 4-6mm thick and can simply be fixed with adhesive to the base coat render system for either the whole facade or for feature panels.

  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be cut with snips

The flexibility of the brick slips ensures that they can be manipulated to fit radiused surfaces and are easy to cut to size using ordinary snips. Corner pieces (pistols) are available at 65 x 215 x 102.5mm.

Caparol Home designer