Insulation with inspiration


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Insulation with inspiration

Improve your indoor climate

Create a comfortable climate within your own four walls: warm in winter, cool in summer. 

Did you know? That despite windows and doors being closed there always seems to be a draft. The reason for this is often cold inside walls. If the wall temperature is only two degrees below room temperature, it can result in circulation of air that causes this unpleasant draft effect. The uncomfortable cold feeling is not the only issue with the cold walls as condensation can also form, which promotes mould growth. With a professionally insulated fa├žade this can be greatly reduced and even completely avoided on really cold days, the internal temperature of the house wall will hardly fall below room temperature giving you a comfortable feeling of warmth and ensuring a healthy indoor climate. 

Temperature regulation

The application of Caparol external wall insulation creates a positive feel-good atmosphere in your home not only in winter, but also protects you from outdoor heat in the summer. This innovative, high-tech insulation prevents extreme warm temperatures from penetrating through the walls into the living area which therefore contributes significantly to a pleasant and cool indoor temperature.

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